fake rolex Pentax announces Optio WGP

Fake Rolex Pentax announces Optio WGP

Pentax announces Optio WG Pentax also joined the camera announcement party today in preparation for the CP+ camera show in Japan that due to start tomorrow. Pentax is throwing in a couple...
fake rolex Pentax Camera and Field Access

fake rolex Pentax Camera and Field Access

Pentax Camera and Field Accessories The camera doesn’t “back focus” with MF. unless you mean that the focus confirmation (little hexagon in viewfinder) is wrong, but that would be equally wrong whether...
fake rolex Pentax K1000

Fake rolex Pentax K1000

Pentax K1000 This won be a complete review, but more of a to know you approach towards the camera Pentax K1000. I got this camera towards the end of 2011 and only...
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Fake Rolex Pensioner’s purse stolen in Gr

Pensioner’s purse stolen in Great Yarmouth fake rolex The women was shopping in Great Yarmouth market place just after 1pm on Friday, April 20 when it...