Fake Rolex Pentax announces Optio WGP

fake rolex Pentax announces Optio WGP

Pentax announces Optio WG

Pentax also joined the camera announcement party today in preparation for the CP+ camera show in Japan that due to start tomorrow. Pentax is throwing in a couple of rugged compacts and a silver version of their pretty successful K 5 DSLR.

As you could imagine, the WG 1 and WG 1 GPS are perfectly identical, but for the built in GPS. Both are built around 1/ fake rolex 2.33″ sensors of 14 megapixel resolution and have 5x zoom f/3.5 5.5 lenses. The 28 140mm range covere fake rolex d is hardly spectacular, but still decent for the rugged league.

But, of course, the WG 1 and WG 1 GPS key feature fake rolex is their ability to easily resist the elements. You get waterproofing for up to 10 meters underwater, and resistance to free falls from up to 1.5 meters. With those in the bag, dustproofing almost goes without saying but you should also know that these two can work in freezing temperatures (down to 10 degrees C).

Both Optio WG 1s will be available in black, purple and white in April. The GPS equipped version will retail for $400, while its simpler sibling will go for $350.

Oh, and here’s a photo of the limited edition silver Pentax K 5. Pentax also plans to launch three silver colored prime lenses to complement the limited edition body. If you happen to have any love for silver colored DSLR cameras, you’l fake rolex l be able to grab one of those in April. The asking price is $1700.

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